• About Creep It Real OC EXPO

    Valantine Productions is thrilled to bring a Halloween Expo to Orange County this year! The first ever “Creep It Real OC” Halloween Expo will take place on Sunday, September 29, 2019. We are inviting all artists and haunt community leaders, as well as Halloween super fans and their families to join us on this day to honor the spirit of Halloween in Orange County.


    This event will take place from 1- 6pm at the Sea Country Community Center in Laguna Niguel, CA.

    Valantine Productions, is known for making investments of time and effort in our local community for the betterment of life and leisure. Entertainment and event production has long been a passion of ours and Halloween tops that list. We are eager to create and share an environment where local artists, vendors, DIYers and haunt passionates will join together as haunt season ramps up to further ignite the excitement of this spooky season.

  • Past Vendors

    Laguna Niguel Haunted Trails

    Join us as Haunted Trails returns this October 17, 18, 19 at Crown Valley Park. Laguna Niguel's Promotional Team will be debuting the trailer for their annual scare zone event as well as releasing ticket sales at Creep It Real OC EXPO.

    Bat In Your Belfry

    Bat In Your Belfry is a collection of the quirky and macabre created by Michelle Prebich.

    The Contrary Dame

    The Contrary Dame Jewelry and Accessories is independently owned and managed by Mary Soracco. Features affordable jewelry for goths, punks, geeks, metalheads, and pretty pretty princesses. It's not your mother's jewelry...unless she's a badass.

    Play It By Fear

    Play It By Fear showcases one of a kind creepy dolls depicting horror movie scenes and characters. Most are made from Barbie dolls or porcelain dolls.

    8631 Adornments

    True California Original designs hand made by two best friends. Come visit our shop with a style described as falling between Halloween and Hippie.

    Señora De Las Sombras

    We are heavily influenced by Halloween and Day of the Dead. Our products incorporate skulls anyway we can whether it be with huge rose charms in a pair of earrings, or on coffin pin board fabric lining. Everything is handmade by Yazmin Segura.

    VIP Carvings

    Jim Morey carves portraits of friends, loved ones, animals and logos. From humble beginnings as a tradition with his family, to carving for the 2017 MLB World Series, this craft is a labor of love and has taken him on an incredible journey. Come along for the ride with V.I.P Carvings.

    Angel City Arts

    Born in Halloween 2011 with the now husband and wife team creating Halloween hair bows. Today, crafting make-up bags, handbags, jewelry & home decor items, their offerings continue to evolve. Their work is influenced by interests from horror, sub-culture, art, Halloween, the paranormal, occult, geekery, metaphysics, animals & nature.


    Selling dark-inspired handmade jewelry and wares.

    Night Shade Studios

    Night Shade Studios is a special fx fake blood manufacturer in Southern California making custom bloods for the past 5 years for the film, television, and entertainment industries. Now offering all products to the public. Stop by for a bloody good deal.

    Funeral Classics

    Inspired by classic horror movies, hearses and Halloween, this clothing line is fun for the whole creepy family! Robert is the master mind behind all the spooky creations. He's a musician, artist, collector, surfer and hearse aficionado.

    Orange County Ghosts And Legends

    OC Ghosts & Legends specializes in anomalous and paranormal research. Our organization provides an opportunity for the public to further explore their own curiosities with the paranormal, by offering public ghost tours and events- conducted by our own field investigators.

    Cross Roads Escape Games

    This free-to-play event will require one player to go inside THE BOX while an orderly locks them up to prepare for their 10 minutes of hydrotherapy treatment. The doctors are hoping this treatment helps calm you and heat the crazy right out. It has not been successful on the last patients, so this time they are upping the temperature. The temperature starts to rise to a deadly level; luckily you have some friends on the outside that are there to help you get out before you are cooked alive!

    Haunted Ladies

    Haunted Ladies Co. has everything a haunted homemaker needs to bring a handmade spooky touch to everyday. From hand towels and kitchen towels to table cloths and more.


    Artist Abe

    Emerging out of the fog on a full moon night comes a lanky creature with an insatiable appetite for art. ArtistAbe is a creator of visual drawn delights that make you feel alive!


    Mama Dog Collars

    Mama Dog Collars created and operated by Veronica for the cool creepy weirdo Pet Lovers. Bringing you collars constructed by hand with designs not for your local pet store.


    Rags To Witches

    Handmade items! Dolls are formed out of old clothes, yarn, stuffing, buttons, thread, trinkets, and lots of love!

    All of our woodburned items are sketched and burned by hand.


    Orange County GhostBusters

    The Orange County Ghostbusters formed over the bond of the 1984 film as well as questioning the paranormal.

    They utilize the iconic logo and look with their own twist to help garner awareness, community outreach and over all times for all. I mean, who wants a repeat of the Carpathian incident of '89.

    So join them as they help explain the science of Ghostbusting, teamwork and maybe explain the unexplainable.

    The FleshYard

    The Fleshyard is an OC based, family owned, haunted attraction in its 5th year scaring the pants of those who become our victims.

    This is the last year of our current 3 year storyline and it will be the most memorable ever.

    DRKLGHT Clothing

    Follow your own light. Positive themed clothing from the dark side.

    AWen's cauldron

    Your source for witchy jewelry, pagan supplies such as altar cloths, statues, etc., and strayed boxes for the various pagan holidays.

    REst x in x peace

    Specializing in decorative poison apples and spooky inspired art including a colorful assortment of Disney inspired poison apples for home decor as well as some fan art from cult classic spooky films. Pick your poison with us.

    murders by Chelsea

    Murders by Chelsea provides clients with Murder Mystery Parties to Die For! Whether you are looking for instantly downloadable PDFs, a fully organized Box Kit or even a Private Party Hostess, Murders by Chelsea is the best stop for unique and memorable experiences that are sure to make your next party simply unforgettable.

    Lonely loomis

    Check out these unique designs, great for wall art. The pieces are made out of recycled skateboard decks. Design also extends to enamel pins. (Soft enamel, hard enamel, printed epoxy and hinged pins). Our inspiration is all things horror and 90’s nostalgia!

    Dreadfully Cute Designs

    Louise creates Dreadfully Cute handmade jewelry, accessories, pillows, wallets and more. I love all things spooky and put 100% love into all of my creations.

    classic horror shop

    Bringing you the best in horror memes & visuals. We carry masks, NECA, Funkos, pins and lots more!

    Corona Haunt

    Since 2012, Corona Haunt is a home haunt created by Mason Legerski and Joseph Roath where horror is never off the clock. Get ready to have a freakishly great time at this free attraction in Corona, CA. This year we introduce Sweet Tooth: Sinister Factory, our most complex maze yet!

    The Crystal coffin / wake the dead scrubs

    Wake The Dead Scrubs opened in 2015 by Huntington Beach Husband and Wife team with a passion for affordable specialty skincare and unique spooky products. Zombabes can find creepy face masks, gory body products and spooky packaging. Also, shop metaphysical goods for the modern witch at The Crystal Coffin where you'll find handmade candles, natural organic tea-grade cigarettes, smudging herbs, genuine crystals, jewelry and incense.

    Monster island

    Carrying fully licensed masks, clothing and accessories from Rock Rebel, Trick or Treat Studios and Retro a Go Go.

    Sew Strange

    Sew Strange specializes in creepy/cute voodoo dolls, plushies, decor, and accessories inspired by horror and comics.

    Wicked Moon Creations

    Conjure your style.

    Cranie yums

    CranieYums brings you 100% handmade jewelry sculpted from polymer clay, unique headdresses, and other handmade costume accessories.

    Paratoxic creations

    Greetings intrepid seekers of the fetid and fearful! Come lurk with us on the Paratoxic side and let us frighten with Freeky Furniture, tantalize with Toilet Terrors and put the narsty in Notebook Nasties!

    Thrill The World OC

    Thrill The World Orange County brings dance to people all over the world while celebrating their love for the classic Michael Jackson's Thriller. Stop by and sign up at their booth to become a part of a world celebration event on October 26th when they assemble zombies to try to and break the world record for the most people dancing the Thriller at the Orange County Marketplace with proceeds to benefit CHOC Children's.

    Decayed Brigade

    With over 300 combined years of haunt event experience, The Decayed Brigade is a group of individuals who love the haunt culture. Whether its putting on large production slider shows, working private parties and even taking the time to teach a kid about character or how to slide, their goal is to share their passion and show people how fun the Halloween season can be.

    Ronivee's boutique

    Spine-tingling homemade products that will chill you to the bone.
    Specializing in all things horror, Phone Grips, hair accessories, jewelry, painted shoes and more!
    RoniVeesBoutique is HOME of the Jason Voorhees Phone Grips

    Spun By Ver

    Affordable hand-made handbags, clutches, totes, coin purses, makes- up bags, throw cushions and more. Inspiration from music (Punk, Rockabilly, rock, weird stuff and anything adventurous that sounds good), Halloween, Car Shows, Tattoos, Day of the Dead, Metalflake Vinyl, etc. All the items we sell are designed and made by a Husband and Wife team in Long Beach, CA. 

    Lori Mendenhall Design

    Halloween-themed Jewelry and "Make Your Own" workshops.

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